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In 2006, Chris Cupit founded Campaign Marketing Strategies in Alexandria, VA with a goal of helping conservatives to get elected around the country.

Originally started as a political call vendor, Campaign Marketing Strategies grew to become one of the most trusted names in the political call space, executing hundreds of millions of calls on behalf of political clients.

Because conservatives can often be underserved in political campaigns it was important for CMS to bring value (excellent pricing and great quality service) to each of our clients. This led to a process of innovation in technology and maximizing efficiency on the operational side which translated into excellent service, extremely low costs, and very quick turnaround of client projects–the holy grail of political telemarketing.

With the growth of the political call business came the growth of the data side of the business. From there, and hearkening back to our roots of managing conservative congressional campaigns, CMS has expanded successfully to become a premier general consulting firm, trusted by conservatives, and has now built out the essential components for winning campaigns: comprehensive strategy, good messaging, data analysis, mail, advertising, and social media.

Our experience is very deep and covers a very broad range, from local races to Presidential, from international consulting to helping conservative think tanks and policy organizations grow their organizations and attract new donors, as well as advancing their policy goals in the legislative arena.

CMS has a lot that we’re proud of. What we are most proud of, however, is what got us hooked on politics in the first place: helping conservative upstarts win in tough races when no one else is willing to give them a chance. We love that. It’s who we are at our heart, conservatives who help other conservatives get elected and make a difference.

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We support campaigns, organizations, and causes fighting to advance conservatism and put our country first.
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