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Gregg Schmedes

New Mexico State Senate

Defeating a 10-year Incumbent in New Mexico

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In Senate District 19, Representative Gregg Schmedes challenged incumbent Senator Jim White. The race pitted the younger, more conservative Schmedes against White, who had served in the legislature for a decade.

Schmedes faced the challenges of only having served for one term and only having lived in New Mexico for a short time.

Through mail and other political advertising, we helped inform primary Republicans of Senator White’s bad voting record, particularly on the Green New Deal.

On election night Schmedes won the backing of 54% of Republican primary voters and went on to easily win the General Election.

Schmedes was an ideal candidate: smart, conservative, politically savvy, and up for the challenge of taking on the incumbent. As a conservative company, CMS prides itself in helping move elected Republicans to the right.

For his mailers, Schmedes wanted mail that would stand out and be slightly different. The healthcare mailer met that specification—one that due to its simplicity would stand out and be noticed.

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